ASUN to host Route 91 memorial

President Hannah Jackson reminded senators about the Route 91 Harvest Festival remembrance event on Monday, Oct. 1 in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union. The shooting killed 58 people last year in Las Vegas. President Jackson said an alter would be placed on the first floor of the JCSU and will be making flowers to honor those who lost their lives. Messages on notecards will also be made and displayed throughout the JCSU along with a candlelit vigil to honor those lost and affected by the event.

ASUN is currently looking for volunteers for the event and speakers to attend the candlelit vigil.


Legislation to be written on grad fee price increase

Senator Natasia Mata mentioned to fellow senators the need to bring awareness to their respected colleges and students about the potential graduation fee increase.

Mata explained that currently, it has been a struggle to inform students of the potential fee increase, why it must happen and expressed she would not want the piece of legislation to be passed if it was not in the best interest of the students.

The Associate Director of Student Engagement James Beattie expressed the idea of creating an infographic to inform students of the reasons the university wants to raise the graduation fee.


Senate votes to make ECC more accessible, allow part-time staff to be advisors to clubs

The Senate voted to allow the Engineering Computing Center to be used seven days a week. The resolution suggests instead of the ECC being closed on Saturday, it should be open seven days a week and allow students more access to the technology and software.

Reflected in the bill was that upperclassmen engineering students must pay an $85 differential fee per credit in order to purchase software, lab equipment and hire teachers and staff. Further, in that reflection, it showed that engineering students are paying an additional 39.7 percent in tuition.

If the ECC were to be open seven days a week it would cost more money, according to Speaker Pro Tempore Savannah Hughes, but the bill states that there should be a different prioritization of differential fees to meet with the university’s first core value—learning by allowing the ECC to be open seven days a week.

The Senate also voted upon allowing part-time faculty to be advisors to clubs and organizations on campus. The bill states that part-time faculty can become advisors for a club under the exemption of expertise because currently only full-time faculty can be advisors of clubs and organizations.

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