Enrollment services propose need to raise commencement fee

Melisa Choroszy, associate vice president of Enrollment Services & Commencement, Registration, shared commencement fees could be raised by $20 by the time of Summer 2019 commencement. The commencement fee was raised $20 in 2011-2012 from $55 to the current fee of $75.

Currently, the fee is mandatory whether the student walks in the ceremony or not. According to Choroszy, the fee covers the processing of the graduation application, reconciling any issues with the graduation application, coordination of the entire program, mailing and printing of diplomas and programs, compiling the list of all graduates and declaring all degrees. The fee does not cover the rental or purchase of the cap and gown.

Choroszy said the increase of the fee would be vital for commencement to function as the last spring commencement was nearly $50,000 short. According to Choroszy, the remaining funds for commencement was “scrounged” from various accounts and funding.

Choroszy said with the fee increase, the commencement ceremony could see an increase in technological updates. These could include better quality worldwide live streaming, name coaches for better pronunciation of names, heightened security and barcodes on diplomas so the graduate’s name would be shown on screen as they walk.

According to Choroszy, if the fee is not raised, several actions could be taken to conserve funds. These actions could include moving commencement to Lawlor Events Center permanently, not having redundancy in Lawlor should a weather conditions make commencement in the quad unfeasible and elimination of the printed program among other things. Choroszy said nearly $23,000 was spent on programs alone during Spring 2018 commencement.

President Jackson asked Chorosy if selling programs for those who wanted them was feasible. According to Choroszy, this is not feasible or practical as the audit and set up of sales would cost more money than it would make. In addition, Choroszy says that it is likely it would be unpopular for the sales of the printed programs after students have already paid for the commencement ceremony.


President Jackson proposes revision of statement on hate speech

President Hannah Jackson encouraged senators to read a free speech aspirational statement as she is aware the university has been affected by free speech and hate speech in the past. President Jackson said the statement would be presented at the Board of Regents meeting as she felt the current statement needed revision. According to President Jackson, the statement conveys values and is not a means of enforcement.

Senator Hannah Hudson said she felt it was not deep enough and fairly superficial. Senator April Wilday said she agreed with what is written in the statement regarding hate speech.

Sold out games to cap free tickets

Vice President Carissa Bradley reported tickets for sold out basketball and football games are to be capped. Football games that sell out are to only sell 3,000 free tickets to students. Basketball games that sell out are to only sell 1,500 free tickets. If a game sells out and reaches the cap, $10 tickets are available to students. According to Vice President Bradley, the Boise State homecoming football game is projected to sell out.

ASUN intern interviews to take place

Chief of Staff Matthew Dutcher announced that 120 interviews are to take place for ASUN interns on Sunday Sept. 9. 135 applied but some have not scheduled interviews as they have already been hired for the ASUN Department of Programming.

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