New duties added to Director of Campus and Public Relations

The Senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada heard a series of bills in their meeting before taking a week-long break for spring break. The first bill would add duties to the Director of Campus and Public Relations. The duties are maintaining the Pack Friendly Business campaign and the Best of Reno campaign.

Both campaigns were created last academic year as a part of the Campus to the City Initiative. Since the responsibility of maintaining these programs was never delegated to a specific person or office, ASUN President Brandon Boone requested through the bill that the responsibilities be placed on the Director of Campus and Public Relations.

Boone stressed the importance of maintaining the programs and said since the Director of Campus and Public Relations is in need of more duties, the programs should be placed under the direction of that position.

The Senate Bill passed with unanimous support.

Senate fixes Blue Crew Programmer’s compensation levels

The next piece of legislation senators heard last Wednesday evening addressed a clerical issue, Blue Crew programmers were listed under Level III and Level IV compensation levels in the Statues of the Associated Students when they are only supposed to be listed under Level III.

Boone specified that the programmers’ pay would not change, just the area they are listed to reflect the appropriate amount they are paid would change.

Boone said the bill has been written since they noticed the error last month. There was no dissent or discussion of the bill and it passed with unanimous support.

Senators give Elections chair more freedom to schedule debates

Earlier this month, Senators heard legislation to amend the way President and Vice Presidential debates are scheduled, however, the bill was never heard by a committee. On Wednesday night the Senate heard the amended bill that specified that debates will be held prior to the commencement of the Primary and General Elections.

The bill would give the Elections Chair more time and freedom to change the schedule of debates.

The legislation passed with unanimous support.

ASUN encouraged to use the Wolf Shop for all purchases

To conclude the long list of legislation the Senate heard Wednesday night was a bill that would add first right of refusal to the Nevada Wolf Shop from ASUN Departments, meaning ASUN Departments would be required to go through the Nevada Wolf Shop to make their merchandise unless the Wolf Shop denies them service.

Senator Carissa Bradley introduced the bill and said that since ASUN owns the Wolf Shop, they should be required to utilize it for their purchases in order to support both the Wolf Shop and ASUN.

There was a lengthy discussion on the bill, but no vote was made since Speaker of the Senate, Noah Teixeira, never received the addendum that was approved with the bill in the committee. The Senate planned on voting on the bill at the next meeting.