Social services thanks Senate for Undocu-week

Jahahi Mazariego, the social services coordinator at the university, came to the meeting to thank the Senate for giving the resources to her department and for helping organize UndocuWeek. She said students told her after the week that they felt represented.

“It makes a difference when we show support for our undocumented community,” Mazariego said.

Elections to begin

Dr. James Beattie, advisor of the Senate, reminded senators that elections for the 86th session start on Wednesday, March 14 and end the next day. Results will be announced Thursday night at 9 p.m. in the Knowledge Center. Students can vote online through their Canvas account or in person at the Joe Crowley Student Union. Information about the candidates for each college can be found on the ASUN website.


ASUN votes to install condom vending machines

The Senate voted to install a condom vending machine on the first floor of the Knowledge Center and other vending machines controlled by ASUN and the Wolfshop to make condoms more accessible to students. In the bill, it states that 485 young adults contracted the HIV virus in 2015. These statistics led to the writing of the bill. The student health center also gives out free condoms, but the bill states the access is limited by the hours the center is open. The bill passed unanimously.

Sen. Se responds to censure

Sen. Michael Se of the College of Engineering was censured by the Senate on Wednesday, Feb. 28. Se said he accumulated the points toward his censure because of scheduling conflicts and misunderstanding of office hour rules. The full letter of apology is below.

To the students of the University of Nevada,

It is with great regret that I inform you of my censure. When I accepted the position as your representative, I took an oath to hold myself to a high standard, worthy of the expectations you had for when you voted me into office. However, due to my own incompetence and miscommunication, as well as a failure to track office hours, I have failed to uphold these responsibilities.

As a result of a certain class ending later than normal, miscommunication, and a miscalculation of travel time, I was late to a few meetings. This, on top of other responsibilities and a failure to record office hours at the beginning of my term, due in part to a lack of understanding of the rules of Senate, has resulted in the accumulation of enough points for censure. These reasons are, in no way, an acceptable excuse for my failures and I have no one, but myself, to blame.

I would, therefore, like to apologize to all of my constituents for my poor behavior. I humbly acknowledge my faults and shortcomings and will do my best to learn from them and serve you all to the utmost of my ability.


Michael Se

Senator for the College of Engineering


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