Mayor Pete Buttigieg at a rally in Sparks High School
Jayme Sileo / Nevada Sagebrush Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg held a rally at Sparks High School on Saturday, Sept. 28. Mayor Buttigieg is currently leading in the Iowa caucus.

Nevada’s Democratic Party announced on Tuesday, Feb. 5 they will not employ Shadow Inc., the developer of the app used by the Iowa caucus. 

“NV Dems can confidently say that what happened in Iowa caucus last night will not happen in Nevada on February 22nd,” said Nevada Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II in a press release. “We will not be employing the same app or vendor used in the Iowa caucus. We had systems and are currently evaluating the best path forward.”

Former senator Harry Reid believes the issue will not occur in Nevada.

“In Nevada, we have built the best state party operations in the country,” Reid said in a tweet. “I am 100% confident that what happened in Iowa will not happen in Nevada.” 

Los Angeles Times reported the Nevada state party paid Shadow Inc. $58,000 for technology services in August and the Democratic National Committee approved Nevada’s caucus plan.

Nevada will be the third state hosting a Democratic presidential nominating contest, after Iowa and New Hampshire.

On Monday, Feb. 4, Iowa hosted the first democratic caucuses of the nation for the 2020 democratic nomination.

The DNC announced they delayed the results to ensure “quality.”

“As precinct caucus results started coming in, the IDP ran them through an accuracy and quality check,” said Troy Price, Iowa’s Democratic Party Chair in a press release. “It became clear that there were inconsistencies with the reports. The underlying cause of these inconsistencies was not immediately clear, and required investigation.” 

Price said they determined the underlying data collected on the app was fine.

“While the app was recording data accurately, it was reporting out only partial data,” Price said. “We have determined this was due to a coding issue. The issue was identified and fixed. The application’s reporting issue did not impact the ability of precinct chairs to report data accurately.”

Shadow Inc. is an independent, for-profit technology company that contracted with IDP to create a caucus reporting mobile app. The company apologized for the technological issues on Twitter.

“We will apply the lessons learned in the future and have already corrected the underlying technology issue,” the company said. “We will take these issues very seriously, and are committed to improving and evolving to support the Democratic Party’s goal of modernizing its election process.” 

As of the publication of this article, 92 percent of the IDP caucus was reported. 

The top three candidates in the Iowa caucus include Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 26.5 percent of votes and 11 delegates, Sen. Bernie Sanders with 25.6 percent of votes and 11 delegates and Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 18.3 percent of votes and 5 delegates.

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